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Students in The Parklands attend outstanding Comal ISD schools

Many families look for homes for sale in Comal County, TX so that their children can attend Comal Independent School District schools. Living in The Parklands means that your children will attend these schools in the Comal ISD, with the possibility of The Parklands having its own elementary school at a future date.

Garden Ridge Elementary School (GRES)

Garden Ridge Elementary currently serves 619 students including PPCD, Pegasus, and kindergarten through fifth grade. Our current student demographics consist of: 53% Male, 47% Female, 24% Hispanic, 65% White, 1% Asian, 4% African American, 4% More Than One Race. GRES employs 37 teachers, 9 professional support staff, 12 paraprofessionals, and 2 administrators. The GRES population continues to increase. It serves a significant population of military families and has an attendance rate of 97%.

Garden Ridge Elementary School will create a culture that encourages positive relationships between students, parents, and community, develops rich academic and technological experiences, and educates all to their fullest academic potential.

We believe in empowering children for their future.

Danville Middle School

Danville Middle School is located off Hubertus Road in New Braunfels. The name Danville Middle School was born out of Comal County’s rich past. The original one-room Danville School building was built in 1863. It was located about one mile from the new middle school. From the 1860s until the 1950s, Danville School was where children who lived in that area attended their first eight grades before attending high school in New Braunfels.  It is part of the original Comal Settlement area, which was established in the mid-1850s, when German farmers moved approximately seven miles southwest out of New Braunfels to begin a farming community. During the 1950s, Danville School was consolidated with Solms and Davenport Schools which later formed Comal Elementary School. Danville School has such a rich tradition that students who attended the school still hold reunions on a regular basis. In addition, many of the descendants of the original trustees of the Danville School still live near the Comal Settlement area.

Canyon High School (CHS)

Canyon High School is located in New Braunfels, Texas and is a rural- suburban school which lies halfway between Austin and San Antonio. CHS has a population of approximately 2,357 students. Enrollment has increased over the past 5 years by approximately 75 to 100 students per year. The demographic make-up of Canyon High School is as follows: Hispanic (42.25%), Caucasian (52%), African American (2.5%) and all other ethnic backgrounds (3.25%). The campus has a self-contained Behavior Unit as well as three (3) Essential Academic classrooms. The attendance rate for the 2013-14 school year was 94.5%.

Comal ISD, where we encourage collaboration and communication, promote critical thinking, embrace high standards of accountability, and establish a winning tradition through perseverance and grit.

Where Excellence is an Attitude.